Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ikea vittsjo marble makeover

The Vittsjo shelving unit from Ikea is a nice, albeit rather bland, piece of furniture. Fortunately, it's a really easy piece to customize. We freshened up this shelving unit with a few coats of white paint and some pretty marble paper for a guest room we've been decorating. This project only takes a few supplies and can easily be completed in a day.

Supplies used

4 cans white spray paint
2 sheets 25" x 37" marble paper
Elmer's spray adhesive
X-Acto knife
Mod Podge Matte
foam brush
clear tape

First, we gave the shelving unit and top mdf shelf a few coats of paint. Not shown: rushing in and out of the house between coats like crazy people to rescue the shelf from the rain. We got the brilliant idea to do this in November, when there was only one weekend warm enough to paint outside, and it stormed sporadically all weekend.

Next, we papered the shelves. We sprayed the right side of the marble paper with a light coat of adhesive, pressed the shelf on the paper, and sliced around the edges with the X-Acto knife.

To paper the bottom mdf shelf, we sprayed the top and sides of the shelf with the adhesive and placed the paper on top and smoothed it out. Then we laid some fresh kraft paper on our work surface, flipped the shelf over, and trimmed the excess paper. Then we neatly folded the corners, taped the excess paper in place, and coated the top and sides with Mod Podge and let it dry for a few hours. Once everything was dry, we moved the shelf to its new home, put some pretty things on it, and took a hundred pictures.

The purple and gold swirls in the paper coordinate perfectly with the wall color of the room and give the unit a sassy, luxe feel. The shelves looks so pretty in person that I didn't even want to put anything on them. I feel like I say this every time we make over a piece of furniture, but this is one of my favorite projects we've ever done. Simple, inexpensive, and super fancy! Though I solemnly swear I will not spray paint again until spring.

P.S. We'll share details about the dresser and the room soon!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous!I love the bit about rushing to get it in from the rain. Been there done that. Hastily dragging things around in the garage to make room.


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