Monday, December 8, 2014

reversible magnetic poster frame

I picked up some cute Cavallini papers and was wanting an inexpensive way to frame them when Kathleen came up with idea of making simple magnetic frames with lattice moulding. We made the frame reversible by making both sides different colors so that it could easily be flipped over or used for different artwork and used cotton cord for hanging to give the frame that old-fashioned classroom map look. You can also use small sawtooth hangers instead of cord if you prefer, and create a single-sided frame.

Supplies used:

1-5/8" moulding (we used 10 feet for a 19 inch wide poster)
8 mm rare earth magnets
E6000 adhesive
cotton cord
Minwax oil-based stain in Honey and Classic Gray
Minwax wipe-on poly
220-grit sandpaper
drill with 3/8" bit and a bit the same diameter as cord
miter box and hack saw
foam brushes

First, cut your wood to size. You will need five pieces that are at least an 2-4 inches longer than your poster to make room for the hanging cord. One of these pieces will be the template for drilling your magnet holes. (You can skip the template piece if you prefer, but we found it very helpful.) Sand off the rough ends with some 220-grit sandpaper. Next, mark and drill your template piece. We positioned our magnet holes 8 inches in from each end. Drill all the way through your lattice with your 3/8" drill bit. Line up your template perfectly on all sides with one of the pieces of lattice and clamp it to your work table. Start drilling slowly into the lattice through the hole. Once you have very shallow starter holes, remove the clamps and template and drill the holes deeper. Go very slowly and stop frequently to check the depth of the hole with one of your magnets until it is flush. Repeat for the rest of the pieces. Once your magnet holes are drilled, place the two top pieces of lattice with the magnet holes together and mark for your cord holes. (If you are using sawtooth hangers, skip this step.) Ours were 1 inch from each end in the center of the lattice. Line up your two pieces perfectly and drill all the way through both pieces of lattice with a drill bit the same size as your cord.

Next, paint or stain your frame pieces. We gave ours one coat of oil-based stain and a coat of wipe-on poly and let them dry for a few hours.

Once your finish is dry, glue the magnets in the holes with some E6000 and let it dry overnight. Be sure that the sides facing up will stick to the sides facing up on the corresponding piece.

Once everything is dry, add your cord, pop your poster in the frame, and hang it up!


  1. This is such a fabulous idea! I can't wait to try it! I have some pieces that have been languishing for want of a frame.

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