Thursday, August 28, 2014

currently loving: wallpapered ceilings

Terris Lightfoot Contracting and Kelly Deck Design via Home Adore

Copper Geyer Design via Apartment Therapy

Lolita Cafe in Ljubljana, Slovenia, designed by Unique Hospitality Concepts

Not too long ago, I complained about the ceilings in my (previous) apartment. Well, I'm allowed paint at my new place (thankfully--two rooms were a somehow-neon baby blue and another was purple with a hot pink accent wall), but there's just one problem: popcorn ceilings. Everywhere. So much popcorn. Even the bathroom wasn't spared; in fact, it got a double dose with the popcorn continuing halfway down the walls. Though I swiftly painted the walls (a lovely serene gray), I can't do much about the ceilings except dream. I still love the simple contrast of a solid colored ceiling, but I've fallen in love with the idea of taking it a step further with a painted pattern or even wallpaper.

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