Tuesday, March 11, 2014

colored ceilings and ombré walls

In my current apartment, the ceilings and walls are both painted the same awful gray-yellow and it is quickly sucking out my soul. (Seriously, imagine a dirty pastel ochre, and then imagine being stuck in a box that is that color.) I wish there was something to break it up, so lately I've been dreaming of rooms with unexpectedly colored ceilings and ombré walls.  Both bring a lot of interest to a room and incorporate a bold paint choice without being overwhelming, and are also a little fresher than an accent wall. I'll probably have to continue to dream of emerald or navy ceilings, or peachy ombré walls as long as I'm a renter, but hopefully my next landlord won't have told the painter, "Sure, go ahead and paint the ceilings that awful color, too."

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