Friday, March 7, 2014

fancy finds: pink

We probably all have an outfit we really regret. Mine was at an age where I really should have known better (but it was the early aughts), and included the following: a pink skirt with lighter pink polka dots and an asymmetrical hem, a pink sweater, pink sandals, a pink purse, a light pink and hot pink striped scarf, a pink jacket, and possibly (I'm cringing) translucent pink hoop earrings--big ones. (Cringing so, so hard.) I can only hope there is no photographic evidence. Ever since that particular overdose, I've avoided the color pink like it's some sort of plague.
Pink often recalls childhood rooms for some, or really misguided sartorial choices for others (or perhaps just me). Recently, though, pink has been used to create really modern and sophisticated decor. If you're wary like me, try some pink accents in subtle blushes or bolder fuchsias.

1. ombre velvet pillow
2. glass tumbler
3. octagonal plate
4. plywood chair
5. wire basket
6. wood table
7. rug
8. bistro chair

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