Friday, January 24, 2014

fancy finds: blankets

The polar vortex might be gone, but the bitter cold has returned. This morning there was even a negative sign next to the number on the temperature reading. Ok, so that number was only one digit and that digit was 1, but still. That's cold. It may not be quite cold enough to turn boiling water into snow, but I haven't tried that and I don't think I will because I would probably burn myself. Instead, I think I'll just cocoon myself in blankets and drink hot tea and wait for spring. Here are some blankets I'd love to curl up with.

1. rainy day
2. herringbone
3. carriage blanket
4. colorful stripes
5. Missoni
6. faux fur
7. geometric
8. triangles
9. more triangles
10. pink otomi

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