Friday, December 13, 2013

fancy finds: kathleen's holiday wishlist

I feel like my list gets more boring each year.  Last year it was socks and a new cooling rack.  This year, it's flashlights (one really would have come in handy as I was using my phone to illuminate a possible issue in the garbage disposal...great idea) and a pair of oven mitts (I have only one oven mitt and it is terrible--at some point, one of my hands is going to meet a tragic, very hot end), and maybe an extra smoke detector and a Phillips head screwdriver. So instead of boring you with a list that looks like a hardware store inventory, here's a list of little indulgences (ok, and one enormous luxury) that would be be almost as great as having two oven mitts.

1. The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt
2. J. Crew lace skirt
3. fancy candles
4. adorable cat print juice glasses
5. large and small  copper candle holders
6. a fun cutting board
7. spotted and striped bowls for a certain cat
8. bath products in adorable packages
10. the softest faux fur, as a bean bag chair
11. JINsoon nail polishes
12. gold placemats

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