Monday, December 23, 2013

december beauty favorites: kathleen

1. I love having clean hair, but I hate the work it takes to get there.  (I feel similarly about dishes.)  It's really dumb, I know.  It's not actually that much work.  I guess it's really the subsequent drying that I hate.  I can let it air dry, which takes forever and then looks horrible.  If I blow dry, I will never get the back completely dried, I will usually drop the dryer, and I will always whack myself in the head with it.  Also, how on earth is it possible to use a round brush with only one hand? L'Oréal Professionel Fresh Dust helps me put off drying my hair for a day when I'm feeling lucky and coordinated.  It isn't grainy or sticky like other dry shampoos I've tried, and unless I accidentally overdose, I don't end up with George Washington hair.

2. Except for a middle school affair with Maybelline Full n' Soft, I've never repurchased a mascara, nor have I been impressed by Maybelline's offerings.  Maybelline The Turbo Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara changed that.  The formula leaves me with superdark, thick lashes and a tiny boost in length.  It never flakes or smudges, and comes off easily with remover.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to repurchase this one--it looks like it's been discontinued.  Any suggestions for a new mascara?

3. I resisted trying Maybelline Baby Lips for a long time, hating the name and the cheap packaging.  I finally gave in after Tamsen recommended them.  I still hate the name, and the packaging could use a serious improvement, but this is a great lip balm, especially for the price.  I have Quench (untinted, SPF 20, somehow smells exactly like Fruity Pebbles) and Cherry Me (sheer pink, no SPF, sweet cherry scent).  These are fairly light, so pick something different if you need a more reparative balm.

4. Alba Botanical Pore-fecting Papaya Enzyme mask is a long-time favorite.  I like to apply the aloe-based mask once a week, and let the papaya and pineapple enzymes do the work.  It exfoliates effectively but gently, never aggravating my redness-prone skin.

5. Seche Vite topcoat is another product whose hype I resisted.  I finally caved after a particularly bad Sally Hansen topcoat, and I'm glad I did! I'm not crazy about the fact that it isn't 3- or 5-free (and the smell is fairly noxious), but it dries so quickly to a hard finish.

6. Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed is another great quick-drying topcoat.  I think it ends up a little shinier than the Seche Vite and it's 5-free, but it does cost twice as much.

7. Ole Henriksen Nurture Me is my new winter moisturizer.  It is both protective and soothing without being heavy or greasy.  Plus, the peachy pink color and creamsicle scent don't hurt either.

Oh, and one product I wasn't so crazy about this month? The Boscia konjac sponge.  Its jelly/spongy texture makes it really fun to play with, but it provided no exfoliation as promised, and it mostly just created a ton of lather, which made facial use sort of hazardous.

P.S.: This will be our last post before the holidays.  We have some exciting projects we'll be sharing in the new year, so we'll see you then!

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