Thursday, October 3, 2013

striped glitter manicure

Nail art is something I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of.  I mean, I have a hard enough time covering a whole nail in a single color without streaks, smudges, or cuticles covered in polish.  While I won’t be free handing tiny birds or tartan patterns on each nail, glitter is the one thing I can always add to make my manicure fancier.

When I saw this vintage Judith Lieber clutch, I thought it would make a great nail design.  So I got out my supplies, and got to work.  I ended up liking the look so much, I did it a few days later in shades of purple.  Here's how to recreate it:

Assemble your supplies.  I went with gray polish (OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts?) to coordinate with the black, dark silver, and bright silver glitters I wanted to use.  You will also need a basecoat, topcoat, and cotton swab or small brush to clean excess glitter from the nail.  You may also want to cover your work surface with something like wax paper for easy cleanup.

Paint all of your nails as you normally would with your basecoat and two coats of color.  Allow nails to dry for several minutes. 

For the glitter nails, use the basecoat to cover the bottom third of the nail.

Immediately sprinkle the darkest glitter over the area.

Tap your fingertip on the table to remove excess glitter, then clean up the rest of the nail and around the nail with your brush or cotton swab. Repeat the last three steps with the other two colors of glitter to achieve striped effect.

Apply topcoat to all un-glittered nails first.  For the glittered nails, apply the topcoat thickly, using few quick, light strokes.  This will help keep the brush from picking up glitter.  If you do get glitter in the brush, just wipe it off before putting it back in the bottle.


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