Wednesday, May 28, 2014

white + rose gold mani

When I saw nail tip sticker guides at the store I thought I would try recreating the nude nails with bright tips that were everywhere last summer. I made a few attempts, but getting the stickers nice and even on each nail was difficult, and the end result was pretty messy. Using the stickers to section off a larger area of the nail was a lot easier, as was placing them at an angle rather than straight across. Here, I used white and rose gold polishes along with the stickers to create an easy two-tone manicure.

Here's what you'll need: A basecoat (I like Orly Bonder), two polishes (I used L'Oreal Colour Riche in I Will! and Color Club in Put a Pin in It), French nail tip sticker guides (I used Nailene), and a top coat (I like Deborah Lippmann's quick-dry topcoat).

Apply basecoat and the lighter shade to all your nails. Let them dry completely. Really. The polish needs to be hard, or the stickers will lift and smudge the polish underneath them.

Place the stickers on each nail at a diagonal, letting the strips hang off at each end. Go ahead and do both hands. (I left the ring fingers plain, even though everyone tells me the accent nail is over.) Press the stickers on firmly, especially where they meet the cuticle. Wrap the excess of the strips around your finger tips.

Once the stickers are all secure, carefully paint the top portion of each nail with a thin coat of your other polish. A thin coat is key to a crisp line when you remove the stickers.

After a minute, carefully peel away the stickers. Hold the edge of the sticker between the pads of your fingers, rather than between your nails, so you don't smudge the nail polish. Allow nails to dry another minute or two, then apply topcoat.

Done! This would look great in tons of other color combinations too.

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