Wednesday, March 5, 2014

modern southwest decor inspiration

via The Brick House
via Angela Hardison
via The Brick House

One of the rooms Kathleen and I are working on is a large sunroom. With high vaulted ceilings, an exposed brick wall, and tons of windows, it's a really cool space. Aside from removing the ugly vinyl flooring and some outdated baseboard space heaters, the room really doesn't need much work. We're hoping to stain the concrete underneath the vinyl a light blue, but we won't know if it's possible until we pull up the flooring. Lately I've been really inspired by modern southwest decor which will be perfect for the space. Lots of leather, natural textiles, rustic woods, a neutral color palette, and some copper accents will make the room beautiful without detracting from the architectural elements.

1. copper pendant light
2. patterned rug
3. wool cable knit rug
4. leather butterfly chair
5. Mongolian lamb pillow
6. patterned pillow
7. leather sofa

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