Wednesday, February 19, 2014

detangling hairbrushes

Have you ever been late to work because you were detangling your hair? I totally haven't. Just almost late. I've heard a lot about brushes specifically designed to detangle, so I tried a few of them out. I was half expecting to conclude that a detangling brush was useless, but I was (mostly) impressed. Here's what I found:

Plugged In Tangle Tamer Max, $9.99 at Sally Beauty Supply
This one was a disappointment.  I went with it over the popular Tangle Teezer because I thought it would be easier to hold (ok, and I loved the color--insert requisite Pantone Color of the Year observation here), but that may have been a mistake. It was easy enough to maneuver over the scalp, but its rigid design made brushing past the nape of the neck nearly impossible. Moreover, the bristles were really too short to move effectively though the hair. Plus, it ended up just getting caught on the tangles and not working them out. So not exactly helpful. I won't say it was worthless; it felt great on the scalp, and I may or may not have tried it on my cat. Ok, I did try it on my cat and she loved it. (Insert cat lady joke-but-not-really-a-joke here.)

The Wet Brush, $8.99 at Sally Beauty Supply
The Wet Brush was pretty solid. Detangling took a bit of effort, and the firm bristles weren't super gentle. Overall, I liked it for light detangling or a quick pull-through before heading out the door. This might be better option for thicker hair.

Conair Detangling Brush, $4.97 at Walmart
The Conair brush is my pick. It looks really similar to the Wet Brush, with a slightly smaller head and thinner bristles. The bristles are very fine and flexible, and they feel great on the scalp. Even better, the brush really does detangle--effectively and gently. I loved it on both wet and dry hair. The only place I could find it locally was Walmart, but you can find it on Amazon.

Text by Kathleen Anderson, images by Tamsen Anderson

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